2018 ARP Catalog rev4

100 800-826-3045 Red part numbers indicate new items NASCAR SPECIALTIES Application Thread Part No. NASCAR, 10-piece, fine 5/8-18 300-7801 IMCA Wide 5, 10-piece, coarse 5/8-11 300-7802 Application UHL Part No. 5/16-24, 32 pieces 0.880 300-0801 5/16-18, 32 pieces 0.850 300-0802 1/4-28, 48 pieces 0.750 300-0803 Application Part No. CHEVROLET SB 2, drilled 334-2104 SB 2, tall deck 334-2105 Small block, 1.000˝, drilled 334-2102 Small block, 1.250˝, drilled 334-2103 V6 Chevy 90°, 1.000˝, drilled 333-2101 FORD SVO 351 cid, Jack Roush design, drilled 354-2102 Application Qty Dia. UHL Wrenching Black Oxide Stainless Hex 12-Point Hex 12-Point CHEVROLET Chevy small block, drilled 12 3/8 0.750 3/8 100-1103 100-1203 400-1103 400-1203 Chevy big block, drilled 16 3/8 0.875 3/8 400-1104 400-1204 UNIVERSAL Universal, drilled 16 3/8 0.750 3/8 400-1105 400-1205 Universal, drilled 12 3/8 0.875 3/8 400-1106 400-1206 Designed for professional racing environments where split-sec- ond improvements in pit stop times can make the winning difference, and “unbustable” reliability is an absolute must. ARP’s Speed Nuts feature a profiled nut face for easy installation, quick- er socket releases and resistance to jamming. They’re made from premium heat-treated chrome moly that’s nominally rated at 190,000 psi tensile strength, shot-peened to remove stress risers and double magnafluxed after heat-treating and thread-forming to assure 100% metallurgical integrity. Coated with Alumotef III gold coating. Speed Nuts are ready for “instant” use (thread chasing not required). SPEED NUTS ™ 190,000 PSI tensile strength Baked-on dry film lubricant Nut face profile radiused ARP offers special NASCAR header bolts that have been drilled for use of safety wire. They are made from heat-treated 8740 chrome moly steel with a black oxide finish or Stainless steel that is polished to a bright shine. Both materials are nominally rated at 180,000 psi tensile strength – considerably stronger than Grade 8 hardware, and engineered to provide complete reliability in the most severe racing envi- ronments. They are available in hex or 12-point heads. Through use of safety wire, exhaust headers will maintain original tightness and can’t back off! INTAKE MANIFOLD BOLT KITS BRAKE HAT BOLT KITS The perfect upgrade for many original brake hat bolts, this ARP kit features bolts produced from only the finest quality 8740 chrome moly. Features an exclusive 12-point cap screw design and appropriate grip length per the application. All brake hat bolts are drilled for safety wire lock. Rated 190,000 psi tensile strength. Drilled for safety wire Not only will these premium quality ARP fasteners help prevent intake manifold leaks, but one is drilled to allow for a seal wire . What’s more, they’re nominally rated at 180,000 psi and feature precision rolled threads for optimum engagement, to prevent galling and promote more consistent torque loading. Wide underhead flange design and companion flat washers provide even load distribution and facilitates optimum sealing of gasket surfaces. Made of corrosion resis- tant stainless steel. Washers included and bolt drilled for NASCAR inspector’s wire seal. Drilled for safety wire DRILLED HEADER BOLTS