2018 ARP Catalog rev4

12 800-826-3045 FASTENER TECH A TRIBUTE TO ARP’S FOUNDATIONS During the past 47 years, ARP has relied on the expertise of three individuals who contributed to our strong technological founda- tions. Their experience and knowledge covered three core areas that have been critical to ARP’s success at designing and manufactur- ing the best fasteners in the industry: fastener stresses and engineering, practical use of chassis fasteners and pushing engine fasteners to their limits. We feel it is important to acknowledge these individuals who left their imprints on ARP – everyone who uses our fasteners benefits from the knowledge and experience they imparted before they left us. – Mike Holzapfel Kenneth Foster Dr. Foster had a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics from Cornell University and taught at several colleges. He was formerly the head of Stress & Dynamics at Hughes Aircraft, Space Systems division. He also worked on numerous projects with NASA. Once he began working for ARP, Ken brought all those experiences to bear on the challenges of designing and engi- neering racing fasteners. Over the years, he was involved in examining all aspects of high-strength fasteners, always figur- ing out the balance between high-strength, ductility, fatigue and notch sensitivity. Ken was a huge asset to ARP and a friend to all of us here who worked with him. Ken enjoyed a dynamic career as a consulting engineer and valued the relationships he created with colleagues and clients. Ken took great pride in his work and enjoyed sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. A teacher at heart, Ken showed great patience – whether explaining a complicated analytical process to another professional or tutoring neighborhood kids in basic algebra. Ken loved his work and his family, including his beloved wife Connie and their children and grandchildren. Active into his 80’s, Ken was known as the Silver Streak at the high school track. An active community member, Ken was the leader of a prostate cancer support group, offering education and sup- port to numerous men around the world. Ken Foster, PhD, 1932-2014. Carroll Smith Carroll Smith was a design and development engineer, a team manager, driver coach and all-around racing guru. And before that, he was known for his 30+ years of racing experi- ence, driving in SCCA events, as well as on circuits in Europe including the Targa Florio and Le Mans. Among his peers at the Society of Automotive Engineers, he served as a judge for the Formula SAE competition. One of his proudest honors was the Society’s Excellence in Engineering Education award. Carroll Smith was a race engineer and special motorsports consultant with Automotive Racing Products for more than decade. The pages of our catalog bear the mark of his enor- mous contributions to our efforts. Here at ARP, as elsewhere, Carroll Smith’s mission was sim- ple. He was determined to impart the encyclopedic knowledge of rac- ing and the machinery of racing that he learned during those decades on the world’s racetracks, around those shops and among his engineering peers. He left us at ARP with a signifi- cant engineering inheritance. Much of what we now know from Carroll will ensure we remain the world leader in the field of racing fasteners. Carroll Smith passed away at his California home on May 16, 2003, from pancreatic cancer. Smokey Yunick For many years “Smokey” Yunick served as a valued tech consultant and spokesman for ARP. He was a popular host of our Tech Seminars at trade shows, and his knowledge of fas- teners was truly astounding. Smokey passed away in 2001, but his wit and wisdom will live on. Smokey never did anything related to racing halfway – he was constantly exploring and learning his entire life. He was fully involved in racing from the mid 40’s through the late 70’s. After that, he worked in his shop everyday, creating new engine designs and solving problems. We chose Smokey to be a spokesman and technical consultant for ARP because of his decades as one of the world’s most innovative and prolific en- gine builders – and his ability to tell it straight. During his racing years, fastener technology followed the “cut and try method.” He tried going one size larger, he tried aerospace fasteners and he tried fas- teners from various companies who claimed expertise. Through those learning experiences, he found that there were no solid solutions. From the day Smokey visited our facilities and talked to our engineers, he realized that he had found what he was looking for: a company that was focused on building the best rac- ing fasteners, with the engineering expertise, raw materials, manufac- turing processes and quality control. Smokey was a valued consultant and spokesman until his passing in 2001. Consulting Engineer Ken Foster Legendary Race Engineer Carroll Smith Hall of Fame Mechanic “Smokey” Yunick