2018 ARP Catalog rev3

130 800-826-3045 Red part numbers indicate new items APPAREL ORDERING PROCEDURES All apparel must be ordered directly from ARP. Our dealers do not handle apparel. You may charge the order to your Visa or Master Card account. Please make sure you order the correct sizes, as we have a very strict return policy. Appropriate shipping charges will be added to each order; plus sales tax for California residents. ARP RACING APPAREL All ARP apparel is sold on the basis of your being responsible for sizes. If there is a problem, you must return the garment to ARP within a week of receipt. Any garment that has been worn and soiled, dry cleaned or laundered, cannot be returned. ARP RACING SWEATSHIRTS ARP SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS ARP RACING T-SHIRTS Our T-shirts are heavy-duty 100% cotton and built to last! Adult and children’s sizes are available in several colors and designs. Please call 800-826-3045 or check online at arp-bolts.com/apparel for current selections. Please Note: ARP T-shirt designs and apparel are subject to change without notice. Please call the ARP order desk at 800-826-3045 for more information. HOODED SWEATSHIRTS BUTTON-UP SHIRTS POLO SHIRTS