2018 ARP Catalog rev4

63 800-826-3045 Red part numbers indicate new items MAIN BOLTS MAIN BOLTS Far superior to any other main bolts available for use in competition engines, ARP main bolts are designed to meet the exacting standards and demands of professional engine builders. Forged from 8740 chrome moly steel, all ARP main bolts feature a reduced wrenching head, large underhead radi- us and rolled threads for the utmost in reliability. The threads are rolled after heat-treating which gives them about 2000% better fatigue strength than most main bolts that are threaded prior to heat-treating. The popular High Performance Series is rated at 180,000 psi, and is a premium replacement for OEM fasteners. Pro Series main bolts are application-specif- ic, rated at 190,000 psi, and designed for use in competition engines. Hardened parallel-ground washers are included with each kit. Application High Performance Pro Series 2-Bolt Main 4-Bolt Main 2-Bolt Main 4-Bolt Main BMW S1000RR Motorcycle ARP2000 - Crankcase main bolt kit (29 pcs. with sealing washers) 201-5201 BUICK V6 Stage I 123-5201 V6 stage II 123-5202 455 cid 125-5201 CADILLAC 331-365-390 1949-62, hex 117-5001 CHEVROLET, SMALL BLOCK Large journal - hex nut 134-5001 134-5202 Large journal - 12 pt nut 234-5201 Large journal - with 1/2” straps on front & rear caps 234-5203 Small journal 134-5002 Dart - SHP iron block 134-5204 World - Motown iron block 134-5203 CHEVROLET, BIG BLOCK 396-402-427-454 cid 135-5002 135-5201 World - Merlin II & III iron blocks 135-5202 CHEVROLET, 6-CYLINDER 90° V6 233-5201 90° V6 with 1/2˝ straps on front & rear caps 233-5203 CHRYSLER 273-440 Wedge, reduced head height 12pt 140-5002 273-440 Wedge, reduced head height hex 140-5003