ARP 2017 Catalog r3

66 800-826-3045 Red part numbers indicate new items ROCKER ARM ADJUSTERS PERMA-LOC ™ ROCKER ARM ADJUSTERS Application Length (A) Thread Size Body Length (B) Shank Size (C) Body Dia (D) 16pc Pack Stamped steel rocker 1.200 3/8-24 0.620 300-8241 Stamped steel rocker 1.200 7/16-20 0.640 300-8242 Aluminum rocker 1.200 3/8-24 0.550 300-8243 Aluminum rocker 1.200 3/8-24 0.600 300-8244 Aluminum rocker 1.200 7/16-20 0.550 300-8245 Aluminum rocker 1.200 7/16-20 0.600 300-8246 Stud girdle 2.050 7/16-20 1.200 0.560 0.750 300-8247 Stud girdle 2.615 7/16-20 1.735 0.560 0.750 300-8248 Big block with girdle 2.050/2.615 7/16-20 1.200/1.735 0.560 0.750 300-8249 One of the more aggravating things found in many high performance engines is constantly having to re-adjust rocker arms. Until ARP introduced the patented Perma-Loc adjuster, there wasn’t a “poly lock” on the market that you didn’t have to continually tighten. There are several important reasons why ARP’s exclusive Perma-Loc rocker arm adjusters won’t loosen like others. First, the adjuster body is heat-treated all the way through (not just case hardened). This eliminates the thread “movement” common to others. Secondly, the threads are machined exactly perpendicular to the bottom of the adjuster, so it seats evenly and applies pres- sure on a full 360˚ circle. Lastly, the set screw is machined flush on the bottom (not pointed) so it will have optimum contact on the rocker arm stud. You’ll find ARP Perma-Loc’s easy to use, too. The compact 12-point head is designed to hold your wrench in position while you lock the set screw with an Allen wrench. All in all, they’re the best you can buy! • Exclusive 12-point head • Heat-treated premium grade A 8740 chrome moly steel • Patented design • 190,000 psi tensile strength • Precision machined threads • Locking set screw ground flush with rocker arm stud • Doesn’t require special tools Because there are many different style rocker arms made by each manufacturer, we suggest that you verify the physical dimensions and thread requirements prior to order- ing. If you have any questions, call ARP’s tech staff toll-free for details. Threads machined for maximum engagement. Set screw has flush-ma- chined tip for optimum contact and seating on stud. Threads are precision CNC-machined exactly perpendicular to the bottom of adjuster to ensure an optimum seat and even pressure. 12-point head with special shouldered “stop” to hold wrench. Eliminates need for special adjusting tools. Forged in-house from 8740 alloy chrome moly steel and heat- treated throughout (not simply case hard- ened, as others are). Patent #5,323,741 CUT-AWAY VIEW PERMA-LOC ™ SPECIAL FEATURES: Bottom machined perpendicular to threads. C D A B