2019 ARP Catalog

78 Red part numbers indicate new items WARNING: Cancer www.P65Warnings.ca.gov . WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov . s l ENGINE BLOCK Application Dia. Length Pro Series Stainless Chevy, KB Hemi 3/8 2.000 245-0901 s 445-0901  l Top fuel motor plate, std. 7/16 2.150 245-0202 s Top fuel motor plate, with 1/4˝ spacer 7/16 2.400 245-0201 s Application Dia. UHL Hex 12-Point CHEVROLET All standard & OEM high torque starters, long & short 3/8-16 1.975/4.660 430-3505  l 430-3508  l All standard & OEM high torque starters, medium 3/8-16 3.760 430-3502  l 430-3501  l All standard & OEM high torque starters, long 3/8-16 4.660 430-3507  l 430-3509  l Aftermarket gear reduction starters, long & short 3/8-16 1.750/4.400 430-3516  l 430-3515  l Aftermarket gear reduction starters, long 3/8-16 4.400 430-3514  l 430-3513  l 8.1L Vortec - Long M10 4.470 430-3512  l 430-3511  l Gen III/IV LS Series small block M10 1.775/4.470 430-3506  l 430-3510  l FORD 2-bolt 3/8-16 1.500 450-3503  l 450-3501  l 3-bolt 3/8-16 1.500 450-3504  l 450-3502  l 3-bolt 5/16-18 1.250 450-3606  l 450-3505  l PRO STOCK 3/8˝ 2-bolt 3/8-16 3.760 430-3504  l Application 1.0˝ 1.5˝ All 9/16-18 x 0.625 934-0005  l 934-0006  l Application Diameter Part No. Small Block GM, 2.100 O.D. block 2.100 934-0007  l Dart, aluminum block 2.380 934-0008  l The perfect compliment to our “bulletproof ” cam drives are these precision seal plates. They’re made of CNC-machined 7075-T4 alloy aluminum and anodized to resist corrosion. Available in 2.100˝ and 2.380˝ diameters to fit most any OEM or aftermarket block. Here’s just what you need to secure a bellhous- ing in place. The studs are designed with a bullet nose to guide the bellhousing into position and accept nuts without the fear of cross-threading. Choice of rugged 8740 heat-treated alloy or rust- proof stainless steel. Complete with nuts and flat washers. If the survivability of your camshaft drive, through an entire race without stripping or breaking, has been a matter of concern – ARP’s new cam drive should put your mind to rest. We built this setup to be “bulletproof.” Totally reliable. A through-hardened, not just case hardened, chrome moly shaft, premium grade Viton seal, plus anodized aluminum plate are manufactured in-house to insure that every part is guaranteed ARP quality. BELLHOUSING STUD KITS STARTER BOLT KITS Installing starter motors in the cramped confines of a race car is simplified by use of ARP’s special bolts, which feature small diameter heads to make accessibility more convenient. These starter bolts are made from Custom 450 stainless steel material that is nominally rated at 180,000 psi and substantially stronger than Grade 8 hardware. ARP stainless starter bolts are 100% maintenance free and include standard shank knurling where applicable. Complete with washers where required. SEAL PLATE & ACCESSORY CAM DRIVE SPECIFICATIONS • Drive: forged ARP2000, 220,000 psi alloy chrome moly steel with corrosion-resistant oxide finish. • Concentricity: 0.001 T.I.R., between shaft and hex, 1˝ and 1.5˝ length • Threads: form rolled 9/16˝ x 0.625˝ on cam end, 3/8˝ hex on drive • Seal Plate: CNC- machined 7075-T4 aluminum with Viton seal