2018 ARP Catalog rev3

82 800-826-3045 Red part numbers indicate new items INTAKE SYSTEM Application Diameter OAL 12-Point Blower stud kit (blue) 7/16 2.880 100-0601 SSI blower stud kit (red) 7/16 2.500 100-0602 Application Thread UHL Hex 12-Point 671-871 blower - stainless with washers (others lengths available in bulk fasteners) 3/8-24 1.000 400-0602 400-0601 Application Pieces Part No. Carter AFB - Edelbrock Performer & Thunder 8 400-0313 Holley 2-barrel, hex 4 400-0312 Holley Dual metering blocks, hex 8 400-0310 Holley Single metering blocks, hex 8 400-0311 The smart way to attach a float bowl is with ARP’s special new bolts. They’re made from ARP Stainless and are virtually impervious to corrosion. A polished finish makes them an enhancement to any carb. They are 5/16˝ wrenching and nominally rated at 180,000 psi . Available for both single and dual metering block Holley and Carter AFB applications. BLOWER STUDS BLOWER PULLEY BOLTS Engineered to minimize damage to either manifold or blower housing during unexpected blower explosions – these break-away blower studs are designed to allow separation of manifold and blower. Use of these special studs could save you thousands of dollars! Manufactured from premium-quality aluminum and heat-treated to provide the optimum balance between keeping the supercharger in place and breaking under a predetermined amount of force. Kit comes complete with anodized studs, 12-point, quality steel nuts and heavy-duty parallel-ground and hardened steel washers. CARBURETOR FLOAT BOWL KITS