2018 ARP Catalog rev4

84 800-826-3045 Red part numbers indicate new items ENGINE COMPONENTS Application Part No. Buick 120-2502 Chevrolet Small Block 134-2503 Chevrolet Big Block 135-2503 Chrysler 145-2503 Ford 289-460 cid (except 351C ) 150-2503 Ford 351C 154-2502 Oldsmobile 180-2502 Pontiac 190-2502 SQUARE DRIVE DAMPER BOLTS ARP offers a special version of its rugged 190,000 psi rated damper bolt that can accept a standard 1/2˝ drive ratchet or breaker bar to facilitate rotating the crank assembly. • 1/2˝ square drive forged into bolt head, enabling the rotation of an engine with any 1/2˝ drive tool • Made from heat-treated 8740 chrome moly steel with heavy-duty black oxide finish Description OAL Coarse Thread Length Fine Thread Length Part No. 7/16 stud 5.000 1.000 1.000 300-0501 7/16 stud 5.250 1.000 1.000 300-0502 Strange as it may seem, there have been many races lost in oval track, off-road and endurance competition due to the OEM alter- nator stud failing and the subsequent loss of electrical power. To prevent this from ever happening, conscientious engine builders rely on ARP’s “bulletproof ” alternator studs. They’re made from a premium grade 8740 chrome moly steel alloy and heat-treated to a nominal 190,000 psi tensile strength. They are very rigid and won’t bend under the stress of competition, eliminating problems with alternator pulley alignment. Here’s more reliable “insurance” from the innovators at ARP. Available in 5.000˝ and 5.250˝ lengths. Includes a 12-point nut and flat washer. ALTERNATOR STUD KITS Application Part No. CHEVROLET Small block (up to 1996) 134-7901 Big block 135-7901 Big block (+0.400 tall deck) 135-7902 FORD 239-312 Y block 154-7906 289-302 cid & Boss 302 154-7904 351W 154-7901 351C, 351-400M 154-7905 390-428 cid FE Series 154-7902 429-460 cid 154-7903 OIL PUMP DRIVESHAFT KITS Many an engine has been destroyed as a result of oil pump driveshaft failure. To cure this all-too-common problem, ARP has designed an extra heavy-duty shaft that will provide you with the necessary reliability. The shaft is made from heat-treated, premium grade aerospace chrome moly steel. Moreover, the shaft diameter is a larger diameter than the OEM unit. These features combine to enable ARP shafts to handle the added torque requirements of increased capacity oil pumps or heavy viscosity lubricants. CHEVY DRIVES: Made from premium grade 8740 and heat-treated to 190,000 psi , ARP uses a unique manufacturing process where the alignment sleeve is roll formed onto the shaft (not welded or pinned), enabling the sleeve to float, allowing for slight misalignment. FORD DRIVES: Made from ARP2000 and heat-treated to 220,000 psi . These pump drives feature a CNC milled (not broached) hex, and has the retaining washer installed. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you ALWAYS check clearances: shaft to block and pump to distributor.