2022 ARP Catalog

114 Engine & Accessory Fastener Kits It’s easy to assemble a show-quality engine when you use ARP’s handy Engine & Ac- cessory Fastener Kit. Virtually everything you need comes completely organized in one convenient package (no need to deal with twelve different part numbers)! More impor- tantly, each and every fastener is superior in strength to the OEM bolts, and also signifi- cantly better than hardware grades (even Grade 8). You have a choice of two premi- um quality materials and finishes. Those who desire a dazzling engine will no doubt prefer fasteners made of ARP Stain- less, which has the added benefit of being resistant to rust and corrosion. The stainless steel is polished to achieve a brilliant luster, and provides a distinctive, maintenance-free environment. Each kit has a dozen different type fasteners, all neatly organized and la- beled in protective vacuum-wrapped pack- ages. Both materials are nominally rated at 180,000 psi tensile strength and come in both hex and 12-point heads. Please note that these kits are designed for 1986 & earlier carbureted engines. Newer EFI applications may require the purchase of additional fasteners. • Each Kit Contains 12 Groups of Fasteners (except for Briggs & Stratton and Suzuki) • Black Oxide Finish 8740 Chrome Moly Steel or polished ARP Stainless • Stronger Than Any Hardware Grades • Choice Of Hex or 12-Point Heads •.Available For All Popular Engine Types • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. • Save Time, Money and Hassles! ENGINE ACCESSORY KITS