2019 ARP Catalog

21 800-826-3045 FASTENER TECH 8740 ARP2000 L19 The following pages in this catalog detail the vast number of “off the shelf ” fasteners available from ARP. However, it’s import- ant for you to know that a significant amount of ARP’s business comes from the development and manufacture of custom fas- teners. For example, many top Formula 1 and IndyCar builders and race teams have come to rely on ARP for a myriad of special purpose fasteners. Many of these have been developed on a pro- prietary basis, and we cannot go into details about “what” is being manufactured for “whom” by ARP. But suffice to say that ARP has established a repu- tation within the racing industry for doing cut- ting edge R&D and following it up with fas- teners made to the most stringent quality control standards on the plan- et. ARP also “private labels” a number of spe- cial fasteners for various manufacturers in the performance industry. ARP can custom manufacture fasteners from nearly a dozen different materials, with tensile strengths ranging from 170,000 PSI to 310,000 psi. By way of example, we have made cylinder head studs for the same application from 8740 chrome moly, our own ARP2000 and L19. ARP’s in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities allow for the design and manufacturing of custom fasteners to your specific application. Serious inquiries from members of the high performance industry are always welcome. Look to ARP to pro- vide effective solutions to all your fastener needs! One of ARP’s best-kept “secrets” is the company’s deep involvement in the manufacture of titanium fasteners. As a matter of fact, ARP’s metallurgist, Russ Sherman, literally “wrote the book” when he developed the original procedures for the heat treatment of the most popular titanium alloy in use today (Ti6Al-4V), and presented the research data to the American Society for Metals. Sherman’s procedure of solution-treating, warm processing and aging brings the tita- nium to strength levels never before achieved, and has also been instrumental in setting new standards for the aerospace industry. This particular titanium alloy and process lends itself well to a number of racing applications, including head studs and accessory fasteners. Of course, the primary advantage of using titanium instead of steel is weight; titanium is about 40% lighter. The material ARP uses has a tensile strength of 180,000 psi, comparable to heat-treated chrome moly – but about half the weight. ARP stands ready to manufacture titanium fasteners cus- tom-made to your specifications. Contact our Special Products Dept. at 805-525-1497 . YOU CAN GET ARP FASTENERS MADE TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS! Custom-Made ARP Titanium Studs & Bolts