2021 ARP Catalog

31 Red part numbers indicate new items 800-826-3045 ROD BOLTS g Forged in-house at ARP using only the finest quality materials g Heat-treated using special vertical racks to assure complete 360° penetration g Threads rolled after heat-treat to provide up to 10-times longer fatigue strength g Precision CNC-machined to exacting specifications g Specially designed for optimum reliability in each application A large number of connecting rod manufactur- ers have chosen ARP bolts as standard equipment. They’re proud to advertise their products as being equipped with ARP rod bolts. And for good reason. The “weak link” in a connecting rod has always been the bolt, and racers know that nobody builds a better bolt than ARP. However, it is criti- cally important to monitor the stretch of each bolt and replace it when it has permanently elongated by .001˝. Below you will find an extensive listing of aftermarket connecting rods and replacement bolt specifications. In some instances, you may want to go to an ARP rod bolt made from a better grade of material. This will provide you with improved reliability. However, please understand that when you want bolts made from exotic, super high strength mate- rials, the cost will increase significantly. If you’re on a budget, it’s best to go with the most cost-effective solution. This is typically defined by the loads that are carried by the bolts in terms of piston/ rod weight and the rotational speed of the engine. The most cost effective design is the one in which the bolt strength is just great enough to handle its anticipated load – plus a safety margin for the occasional overloads. Using a material which has far more strength than required is not as cost effec- tive – but will definitely give you an extra margin of safety and longer service life. You should also know that ARP rod bolts are superior to those from other manufacturers. Especially in the area of fatigue strength. Testing has shown ARP rod bolts to have twenty times the fatigue strength of other bolts. In the chart below, you’ll find a bar chart that graphically shows the difference between ARP Pro Series rod bolts and the fastener made by a leading competitor. It’s easy to see why ARP bolts are superior. As such, it makes good sense to rely on ARP for optimum connecting rod service and reliability. Make the most of your racing budget and rely on ARP rod bolts. You’ll find the ARP name proudly stamped on each bolt as your assurance of quality. PRO SERIES CONNECTING ROD BOLTS It’s important to note that a number of premium quality connecting rods come from their respective manufacturers with ARP rod bolts as standard equipment. We are pleased to consider these key firms our “Performance Partners” and embarked upon a program to recognize this alliance. ARP also manufactures replacement connecting rod bolts for products from other firms. We feel that our fasteners are substantially better than those OEM offerings, and they will serve to increase the durability and service life of these rods. For information pertaining to obtaining replacement bolts for these rods, contact our tech department. 3,000,000 2,000,000 1,000,000 900,000 800,000 700,000 600,000 500,000 400,000 300,000 200,000 100,000 High Load 16,700 lbs. Low Load 4,700 lbs. Run Cycles To Failure Competitor’s Bolt (AMS 5844) ARP3.5 (AMS 5844) ARP CUSTOM AGE 625+ ARP connecting rod bolts are used in everything from exotic 18,000 rpm Formula 1 engines to 10,000 horsepower nitro-burning Top Fuel engines