2024 ARP Catalog

49 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www P65Warnings ca gov s l California Residents WARNING: Cancer www P65Warnings ca gov Application Note: Please verify rod bolt head style against the photos labeled A-AH when replacing rod bolts Head Style Hi-Perf 8740 (complete) Hi-Perf 8740 (2-PC) HP Wave 8740 (complete) HP Wave 8740 (2-PC) Pro Wave ARP2000 (complete) Pro Wave ARP2000 (2-PC) Pro Series ARP2000 (complete) Pro Series ARP2000 (2-PC) 2.0L (F20C) & 2.2L (F22C) S2000 E 208-6002 l 2.0L (K20A) E 208-6003 l 3.0L (C30A) V6 Acura NSX M9 AF 208-6004 l 3.2L (C32B) V6 Acura NSX M8 AF 208-6005 l JEEP 4.0L inline 6 D 146-6001 l LANCIA 2.0L SOHC 8V & DOHC 16V Turbo E 275-6001 l MAZDA 1.6L (B6) & 1.8L (BP) DOHC Miata M9 W 118-6401 l MINI 1.6L (W10, W11) Mini – supercharged & non-supercharged (2002-08 Chrysler engine) M8 x 43mm UHL E 206-6008 l 1.6L (N12/N14/N16/N18) Mini – turbocharged & non-turbocharged (2007-15 Peugeot engine) M7 x 45mm UHL E 201-6305 l MITSUBISHI 2.0L (4B11) DOHC (2008 & later) E 207-6002 l 2.0L (4G63) DOHC (1993 & earlier) M9 AC 107-6001 l 107-6021 l 2.0L (4G63) DOHC (1994-07) M8 S 107-6002 l 107-6022 l 2.6L (G54B) C 107-6003 l 107-6023 l 3.0L (6G72) & 3.5L (6G74) V6 C 107-6004 l 107-6024 l NISSAN/DATSUN A Series (A12-A12A-A13-A14-A15) F 102-6002 l L16 Series M8 C 102-6001 l L20 Series 4-cylinder & 2.2L (Z22) M9 C 202-6001 l L24 Series (early) inline 6 M8 C 202-6002 l L24 (late), L26 & L28 Series inline 6 M9 C 202-6003 l 2.0L (SR20DE/DET) 11/32˝ C 202-6005 l 2.4L (KA24DE) 11/32˝ C 102-6003 l 2.5L (YD25) 4-cylinder diesel 11/32˝ C 202-6008 l 2.6L (RB26DET/DETT) Inline 6 11/32˝ AA 202-6007 l 3.0L (VG30E/ET) SOHC V6 M9 C 202-6003 l 3.0L (VG30D/DET/DETT) DOHC V6 11/32˝ C 202-6004 l 3.5L (VQ35) DOHC V6 M8 E 202-6006 l 3.8L (VR38DETT) DOHC V6 Custom Age 625+ E 202-6101 l ROD BOLTS