2021 ARP Catalog

54 Red part numbers indicate new items HEAD STUDS HEAD STUD INSTALLATION 1. Clean and chase all bolt threads in block to ensure proper thread engagement and accurate torque readings. 2. All hardware should be cleaned and inspected for possible shipping damage prior to installation. 4. Install gasket and head, then lubricate the stud threads, the washers and nuts with ARP Ultra-Torque fastener assembly lubricant prior to their installation. 5. Following the engine manufacturer’s torque sequence, tighten the nuts to the recommended torque value found on the instruction sheet provided with each kit. NOTE: To ensure positive sealing of “wet” head studs, a hardening or semi-hardening sealant, such as Loc-Tite or Permatex, etc. should be used. Some engine builders employ a sealer in the coolant, such as Aluma-Seal, Silver Seal or K&W sealer, etc. You may also use high temperature RTV silicone. Whatever product is used, it is best if the cylinder head is installed and torqued to proper levels BEFORE THE SEALANT HAS CURED! 3. Since most studs extend into the water jacket, coat threads with ARP thread sealer and screw in hand tight ONLY.