2023 ARP Catalog

7 stock and hot headed. Following the cold/hot forging, material is heat-treated to desired levels. This crucial process is done entirely in-house to assure total quality control. ARP uses custom vertical racks to hold each piece individually and assure complete 360° penetration. This is far superior to commonly-used methods of dumping items into a large bin and batch-treating. Studs are centerless ground to guarantee concentricity. The thread rolling operation (to MILS-8879A specs) is done after heat-treat, which accounts for a fatigue strength up to twenty times higher than fasteners which are threaded prior to heat-treat. ARP manufactures nuts in a multistep process that begins with raw material being fed into a giant forming device that “blanks” the hex and 12-point nuts and continues with highly sophisticated, atuomatic tapping machines that tap each nut with an accuracy of .001˝ (which is five times higher than the aerospace standard). This ensures an exceptionally close-tolerance fit The Grinding Department is where all studs are centerless ground to ensure that they are concentric and straight. Powerful cold-forging equipment is used to make ARP’s hex and 12-point nuts. Multi-stage dies are employed to precision-form the finished “blanks.” A series of CNC-threading machines are employed by ARP to accurately tap the threads in nuts. Tolerances held are better than aerospace standards. THE COMPANY