2023 ARP Catalog

10 There are a number of important elements in the production of specialty fasteners, not the least of which are materials, design and manufacturing. As you read further into this catalog, you will get a better idea of the extraordinary steps taken by ARP to produce the very finest products of their kind on the market today. The key to success in all areas is personnel. And here’s where ARP’s cadre of highly qualified and dedicated specialists shines brightly. Two valuable resources in the design of ARP products are Russell Sherman, P.E., and up until 2014, Dr. Kenneth Foster. Bothmen have extensive backgrounds in mechanical engineering, metallurgy and stress analysis. Mr. Sherman’s academic credentials are substantial, and real world experience equally impressive. Mr. Sherman has been awarded a fellowship from A.S.M. International, a technical achievement award from Fastener Technology International, and holds a number of fastener patents. (Dr. Foster passed away in 2014. Please read about his contribution to ARP on page 12 – “ARP Foundations” – with tributes to three important members of the ARP team who are no longer with us.) Some of the most valuable work done by Foster and Sherman includes analyzing various aspects of engine, chassis and driveline structural loads, and coming up with solutions to the problems at hand. In this manner, the ARP Research Team is able to continually expand the company’s product line. ARP has added Robert Logsdon to its cadre of consultants. He comes to ARP with vast experience in the area of Metrology, Quality Control, Manufacturing, Acquisition and Configuration Management. Logsdon is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy of Metrology Engineering, the DefenseManagement College and U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology. Additionally, ARP has one of the industry’s most After final packaging the kits are placed in storage racks and are ready for order fulfillment. Thousands of SKU’s are warehoused. Components for each kit are placed on the appropriate display cards, sealed and labeled. Through-put has been significantly increased. Robert Logsdon Q.C. Consultant Russell Sherman, P.E. Consulting Engineer Behind The Scenes THE COMPANY