2023 ARP Catalog

9 opposed to the aerospace norm of 65,000 average to 130,000 cycles maximum. This allows ARP engineers to verify the design specifications of each fastener, and prove its ability to provide superior long-term service. Finished products are packaged and warehoused in ARP’s Ventura facility, which is also home to the firm’s customer service, technical and sales office. High powered magnifiers are used to carefully inspect critical components. ARP’s quality control team is relentless! A series of special checking devices are employed to monitor the quality of threads. For every thread size, there is a checking device. Two computer-controlled Instron tensile machines are used to determine the ultimate tensile strength of studs and bolts. ARP has two highly sophisticated Amsler fatigue machines, which test fasteners through millions of cycles. The finished goods are given a protective coating and stored in sealed containers, awaiting packaging. Millions are in stock! THE COMPANY